It would be very easy in today's economic climate to sit back and say, “Let’s wait for things to get better”. However ‘time waits for no man’, that's why I, along with my Associate Producer, Sandy Dyer, and the Emperors Palace team headed up by Entertainment Manager, Anton Van Wyk, are excited not only by our choice of the show "Midnight Hour", which already conjures up a powerful image, but also by the  star behind the vocals - Clint Cunningham.

I first saw Clint and his band perform at the Sound Stage Supper Theatre for a black tie Valentines Night celebration, within two numbers he had taken a very stuffy bunch of business “execs” and their wives and turned them into a young group of Rock 'n Rollers! They hung onto his every word, sang along enthusiastically and shed the odd tear during the emotional ballads. Clint is a true Rock Star – in my opinion as good as Robbie Williams or Michael Buble. Why? Because he cares enough about his audience to give each and every person a dynamic, highly-energized performance, leaving them entertained and feeling special.

Apart from Clint we also have members of his band - Peter Hanmer on guitar, Mike Dorea on bass guitar, Larry Rose on drums, Connie Friedman on Sax and Keyboard (special guest for this production) and top female vocalists Rene Mabotha and Liezel Pieters - adding real performance weight to the show’s programme.

Emperors Palace is converting the Theatre of Marcellus into a sociable ‘supper theatre’ for this production, which not only complements the show, but adds incredible value for the audience. Special packages over the festive season for Corporates, Christmas Parties and end-of-year functions will allow everyone including the public to have a evening of entertainment. Richard Loring Enterprises is thrilled to be involved with Emperors Palace and looks forward to entertaining you and your clients with the show "Midnight Hour".


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